On the top of a desolate and barren hill rises an elegant mansion, surrounded by a garden of cypresses and privets. The green of trees and hedges mingles with the white of hundreds of statues. Heroes and common folks, powerful and humble people, women and men, old and children: the marbles portray every possible humanity, crystallized in an everlasting moment. Behind the massive oak doors, the master of this place lies. Tirelessly he waits for the next piece of his collection: inside the Marble Garden, there’s always room for another statue…

a fairy world full of dangerous foes and improbable allies, where reality and imagination merge
constantly together.

two young siblings, Kay and Erica, in overcoming a curse so powerful to go beyond the boundaries
between dimensions.

a low RPG gameplay, with a focus on exploration and fighting, and master a fast paced, souls-like,
combat system.

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